About Me

A bit about me:

I’m an extremely people-centric person. I’m the first person to look for excuses to throw a party, host a get-together, or put together a happy hour; I love bringing my friends together for pretty much any reason [bonus points if beer is involved].

I co-founded a charity, Dancers Unite, with a wonderful friend this year. After four successful years operating as CAN Dance For Cancer, we decided to create Dancers Unite to provide more opportunities to support a larger community and raise awareness for more diseases.

I firmly believe that educating the future leaders of tomorrow is just as important as eating your greens. Therefore, I speak about my college and career experiences with rising high school and college students. I advocate engineering and web technology career paths to young women and introduce the idea of technological jobs to an even younger generation of girls.

When I’m not working, you can find me on the dance floor or chasing after my beastie child, Autumn. I’ve been dancing competitively for several years and just recently crossed “Competing in Manhattan, the dance capital of the world” off my bucket list [yay me!]. I’m overly passionate about rescuing pit bulls [and other dog breeds] and spend a good portion of my time doing what I can to change their poor reputation. I occasionally rant on a blog with my best friend, Whitney. I more than occasionally tweet [my own thoughts, of course] about UX, design, glitter and my dog. [I also curse a lot, so prepare yourself accordingly.]