Fun Experiment: Crowdsource Your Bio.

speaking at Web Afternoon ATL 2013

A while back, I was asked to provide a short bio for a speaking engagement. I actually hate writing about myself — and who actually reads those things anyway — so I reached out to my lovely kittens on twitter. Here’s what y’all ended up writing about me:

Jacklyn is a textbook example of an enthusiastic, artistic, fun-loving, mile-a-minute thinker which is to say, no textbook can define her. Don’t call her Jackie. Unicorns. She’s worked for both small startups and large corporations, giving her the experience necessary to understand a broad user base. She is so sharp-tongued and tech-savvy, it’s hard to believe she’s a sweet southern Alpharetta redneck…until you see her dance. Glitter. Jacklyn enjoys long walks with her pup, goblin kings, and PowerAde. Also, cupcakes. She is awesome. Glitter. Jacklyn is a dancing MACHINE. She would call herself a ‘self-starter.’ @playfulpixel that really says it all, doesn’t it? Or are there hidden secrets? Jacklyn refuses to conform to the status quo, and always has a clever way of making sure that you don’t either. Once a month she checks her height, and she’s been getting taller since December 2006, when she first read “The Secret.” Jacklyn likes juicing and H&B. Ping her.

Pretty incredible. And pretty spot on. Good work, y’all.

[Photo credit: Sean Gerety]