Inaugural Post.


I was co-working with my friend Laura a few months ago talking to her about my future, my goals and what I want to be when I grow up when it hit me; I’m not actually making much progress towards those goals today. It took me a few days to really understand why I wasn’t progressing like I wanted to and it took me even longer to articulate it to someone else. The fact is, I’m comfortable.

Comfort zones aren’t always bad, but when your life goals involve making a giant impact on the world, being comfortable won’t get you too far. I was telling a close friend about this epiphany when decided I needed to take action, work on myself and grab the bull by the horns [yep, I just said that]. This website is my first step.

I’ve decided to concentrate on my best skills and leave the other things that I enjoy doing, but don’t have time to perfect, up to the experts. I’m focusing on creating relationships between businesses and customers and spending less time and energy on visual design and programming. This has certainly not been an easy decision for me, especially since I love playing in Photoshop and Illustrator and I [sometimes] like to learn new development tricks. The most important thing that I realized is that those are just interests and hobbies for me; I can better serve my clients elsewhere doing what I’m best at.

Here’s to a new me [online, at least], and getting a little bit closer to my dreams!

[photo credit: glitter hill wallpapers – Honestly, I couldn’t find a photograph I liked as much as this pile of glitter that made sense enough to post]